Never Broke(N)

Sometimes life just sucks...

Do you ever feel this way?

Do you ever wake up and wish all of the stress, debt, pain, and so on would just go away?

Is your business failing? Did you lose your job?

Do you feel like you have no one to turn to for help?

Believe it or not, everyone has these feelings. However, surviving hell is a choice. There is a path to learning how to take control of the business of life. Stop listening to the hack mentors who have never been through what you have been through. There are solutions. There are strategies to survive.

Every event in life will help you to build your tolerance, unveil a new skill, and possibly create a new idea that helps you succeed in life. At one time or another we will all find ourselves truly tested. It could come in a million different forms and in a thousand different directions. But trust me…you will eventually meet your match if you dont prepare yourself. How you respond to the difficult times is what determines how you’ll succeed during the easy ones. Life can really be horrible sometimes. But the stronger you are, the better equipped you will be to weather the storm and come out the other end.

Succeeding at the business of life is your choice. There are ten core lessons you can apply to make that choice easier.

I have been broke, but I chose to Never be Broke(n).

What is your choice?

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Life Lessons

Lesson 1

Your Only Focus Is Survival

Lesson 2

Decisions That Kill

Lesson 3

Stress Makes You Invincible

Lesson 4

Creating Repeatable Templates

Lesson 5

Get Off Of Your Ass

Lesson 6

Can’t Spend What You Don’t Have

Lesson 7

Get Wet with Wealth

Lesson 8

Failures Build Success

Lesson 9

Sometimes People Suck

Lesson 10

The Power of Mentors

Life Choices

A Choice to Live or Die?

He grew up on the streets of NJ surrounded by violence, without guidance, in a home filled with dysfunction from an abusive alcoholic, drug using father who attempted to kill his mother at the age of 12.

Most people don’t survive these situations.
Core values supported Paul to rise from the violence, abuse, and poverty in his life to become an Oxford University and Wharton graduate who is known for his abilities as a CEO, Entrepreneur, and Mentor.

Paul Chose to Live... What is Your Choice?


Achieve The Unthinkable


No Quit



I am here to tell you there are characteristics that you either naturally have, or with dedication and thoughtful adjustments, can develop into powerful points of leverage which can help you to convert the negative obstacles in your life into tremendous opportunities. Perspective defines the "good" and the "bad". Outcomes don’t. You can leverage each and every event or obstacle to either grow or self-destruct. Your life is about choice. True success is about leveraging those events to grow and to never stop believing you will achieve the unachievable.


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April 23, 2020 from 10am to 4pm
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Heritage Business Center, 2325 Heritage Center Drive, Suite 113, Furlong, PA, 18925
Join Paul Szyarto as he presents his non-negotiable lessons to succeed at the business of life while intertwining his stories of turmoil, distress, and dodging the bullets of chaos. He chose to never be broke(n) and with his guidance you can achieve similar levels of success.
Rates: $299
Topics to Be Covered:
Lesson 1
The Entrepreneur's Secret. Survival.
Lesson 2
Bend Don't Break. Stress.
Lesson 3
It's All the Same. Templating.
Lesson 4
Get Off Your Ass. Productivity.
Lesson 5
Keeping Count. Money.
Lesson 6
Monetize Everything. Customers.
Lesson 7
Wet with Wealth. Streaming.
Lesson 8
Confidence Against All Odds. Failure.
Lesson 9
Being Screwed. People.
Lesson 10
Life Support. Mentors.

Book By
Paul Szyarto

Never Broke(n)
The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

The ten Never Broke(n) mindset lessons for releasing your inner entrepreneur to survive the business of life.

Listen & Learn

Already Live.
Real People. Real Successes.
The NEVER BROKEN mindset is segmented into small comprehendible snippets to ensure quick application.
Episode 1
Resetting Your Mind
Episode 2
Being a "Survivorpreneur"
Episode 3
The Subconscious Mind
Episode 4
Surviving the "Man in the Closet"
Episode 5
Things Happen, Deal With It.
Episode 6
Thoughtful Actions Creates Results
Episode 7
Interview With Don Schreffler
Episode 8
Traditional Consulting & How It's Actually Hurting You

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